So, what is this all about?
Well, I keep coming up with new stories and ideas so I thought it would be nice to post them online.
I might also occasionally post rants.
That’s it.
Everything in this space is free for everyone to access. (For now…) Just don’t steal anything, please.
If you like my stories and know other people who might enjoy them, please do spread the word.
For lack of any more material, I shall now fill this page with extra info about me.

I love anime and manga. Obligatory Japanese sentence to show off:

Watashiwa otakujanai desu

I watch Friends. Chandler is my favorite. I have been told I am an awesome guy.

Do not believe everything you see on 9gag. I learnt that the hard way and the consequences of my transgression will probably haunt me for the rest of the foreseeable future.

I have a cat. (No. I refuse to post cat pics to gain attention. Just kidding xD I’ll put one up as soon as he lets me go near him with a camera.)

I have opinions. (Please don’t hurt me.)

I game. Well, not exactly. Let’s just say that what I do on my computer pisses off everyone in my house. But if I called myself a gamer, that would piss off all the actual gamers in the world. So I get thorns without the rose. Much fun.

Marvel>DC (I await the death threats.)
Maybe I should stop now?
Are you bored?
But I haven’t even filled the page yet.
I guess I will stop now.