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Fraction Chapter 1 - Void

If an immortal being is born in an infinite space with no objects or other beings in it… No floor. No roof. No walls. Just void. How long would it take for him to realize that he exists? Could he even prove he existed? And then what would happen? How much longer would it take for the being to realize that he can move? And if he does figure it out… would he bother to move all? After all, there are no other objects or beings to be found… no sources of light and no medium to carry sound… with nothing to teach him the meaning of hope and death, what would he strive for?

Her name was Evening Star. But her friends called her Eve. Just your typical schoolgirl? Mostly… except that in this world, there was no such thing as typical. In this world, there was no such thing as weak or strong. It was only a question of how quickly you got used to your powers and how quickly you developed them. The strong and the weak all lived side-by-side. There was no need for food. No need for water. No need for air. A perfect Heaven? I think not. The need for food, water and air is what pushed the ancients to create wonders… but the ancients were a thing of the past. They no longer existed. No one even remembers them except me.  So what do we strive for? We… who do not need anything? Well, we very nearly destroyed ourselves in our boredom… until we came across an idea left behind by the ancients.  It was a good idea. The thought of having a superhero school. That way, we could find more people who were like us. We found people who could survive the vacuum of space. People who never forgot what they once saw. People who defied every law of Ancient Science. At this point, I think I am boring you with my philosophical way of speaking. So I will try to switch to a different form of speech.

Okay, so where was I? Oh yeah, Eve. Evening Star. Eldest daughter of Kelly Star. Schoolgirl. Superhero school. She had just discovered the nature of her powers a few days ago. Vector. That was her power. Her mom was overjoyed. “My baby girl is taking after her dad! He will be so excited when he comes home!” her mom had chirped over a cup of tea. “If.” The boy corrected, “If dad comes home.” This blunt little boy was the youngest kid of Kelly Star. He wasn’t being mean or condescending. It was just his powers at work. His power was Chance. He could calculate with almost insane accuracy, the chances of a particular event happening. As a result, the lower level species of other planets had been quite insistent that Morning Star should be a part of their meteorological department. The idea that he could calculate exactly which second of which minute of which hour of which day of which year the 20th snowflake of winter would touch the ground was quite appealing. But he wasn’t interested. All he wanted to do was play games on his state-of-the-art gaming console which was specially built to evade his Chance powers so that he would have the joy of surprise when he played games on it. It was the only thing in the world that didn’t bore him. “Hey, I know he doesn’t come often” Kelly defended the absent man, “But it’s not his fault. You know he can’t stay in the same environment for more than 5 minutes. But you can complain if it makes you feel better.”  The boy rolled his eyes while also managing to keep his on the screen of the console. It was so hard being a child prodigy such as himself…

And then there was the middle child. Sandwiched between her elder sister’s greatness and her younger brother’s indifference. She had no powers of her own. And her name did not help either… For whatever cruel reason Fate had… her klutz of a dad had decided to name her “Pony Star” Needless to say, her friends had already worked out the several variations of the word “Pony” and laughed themselves nearly out of breath when they took out the “y” and added an “r” in the wrong place. At least, she was glad she wasn’t named “Afternoon Star” if you go by the family naming scheme. So, Morning, Pony and Evening Star together with Kelly Star formed the “Star Family”. The dad was rarely around so he does not have the right to protest if I don’t include his name here. The Star Family was the most powerful family of superheroes on the planet. Their power rating was so high that no other being in the universe could afford to hire them on contract. As a result, Kelly had a habit of disguising herself as other heroes just so that she could get a chance to help others. Morning played games on his console all day (as stated before.) Pony spent half her day trying out different simulators at school to discover her powers. She has been unsuccessful so far. She spends the other half of her day trying to ambush Morning so that she could steal and destroy that damn gaming console. It was just sisterly concern. It is very hard for a gaming recluse to find a girlfriend in this age and she did not want her brother to die a virgin… although the 7 year old boy had no idea what his 15 year old sister was talking about. As for Evening, she was 18 the most popular girl in school. Obviously. If your last name is Star, everyone in the universe was ready to sprinkle your path with rose petals.

However, there were only five people in the entire universe who knew who the Star family were… and that was the Star Family themselves. There wasn’t any special reason for them to be hiding their identities like that. It was just boring when everyone knew who they were. So, they contacted a Morpheus type hero who was powerful enough to wipe their faces from the memory of everyone in the universe. And so the stage is set… I know this isn’t a great first chapter but hey, you know what they don’t say right? They don’t say “All’s well that begins well.” And they don’t say, “Well ended is half done.” I think that’s switched. “Well begun is half done.” And “All’s well that ends well.” I am sure that the chapter was well begun at least… and it’s a long way to the end so I’ll think about that later…

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