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Fraction Chapter 2 - Dawn

A day in the life of Morning Star. He woke up and took a look at his watch. As he had calculated, it was exactly 08:32:27 when his eyes fell on the watch. He almost put his feet on the ground when he woke up but he suddenly calculated that there was an 87% chance that his sister had lined the floor with invisible jelly. So he took a quick leap and landed a few inches away from the bed. He turned around and inspected the floor. Apparently, the floor was NOT greased with jelly. This was why he hated her. It was always like this. Pony always confused his Chance powers. Even when he had once calculated that there was a 99.97% chance that she had put salt in his cake, he found that the cake was sweet as ever… it was like she could never stick to the natural laws of probability. But he never said anything about this to anyone. He just silently resented her for it.

Anyway, he walked into the bathroom, brushed his teeth, took a bath and came out in a towel… all while playing on his console. Even while he ate his breakfast, he had it in front of him. “I know I’ve said this a million times before…” Pony said in the voice of a person that given up on her younger brother, “But can you not play at the breakfast table?” Kelly patted her on the head and said, “It’s alright. We all understand why he can’t let go of that console… but why must you repeat that sentence every morning?” At this point, Morning looked up from his console for a second and said, “There’s a 26.23% chance that something is wrong with her brain.” And went back to his game. “You take that back!” Pony whined. Kelly only grinned and watched. These morning tussles were the only real conversations that happened in the house. Evening was the only one who was silent… once upon a time, Evening would cause the most ruckus of all… but ever since she discovered her powers, she had become silent. It was as if keeping her powers in check was psychologically taxing. Kelly was worried about that… the very reason her husband could not stay in the same area for more than 5 minutes… Vector… that power alone was un-mastered in this universe. She was happy that Evening had discovered her powers and on the outside, she was all smiles. But deep down, she was worried sick about her daughter. Soon the day would come when even she couldn’t stay in the same place for five minutes… and then there was Pony… what powers did she have? Would she face the same fate as her father too? All these things worried her deeply… but she smiled all the same. Because that is what a mother does. She takes all the crap the world can throw at her and then she smiles at her kids so that they are not worried about the crap… so that they can happily walk forward… so that they can reach the place she never could…

“Okay mom, we’ll be off to school now.” Evening said. Morning looked up from his console once again and said, “Sis, you’re leaving five minutes early today… that has never happened before.” Evening just shrugged and said, “We can’t all be as perfect as you.” And walked out the door with Pony. Morning shrugged and followed her. “Five minutes early.” Kelly brushed that aside as paranoia. Surely, her daughter wasn’t experiencing the side-effects this quickly… Was she? “I hope not…” Kelly said… but who do you pray to in a world where you yourself are a god?

On their way to the school, Morning remarked that Evening was walking a little faster than usual. “That’s because I’m excited!” she said, “I learned this new trick! And I wanted to try it out… that’s why I left five minutes early.” Morning just rolled his eyes and said, “You’re going to try and fly us to the school, aren’t you?” Pony jumped and shouted, “Are you serious?! That is so cool!!!” Evening grinned and said, “Hold on to your bags and consoles… Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking. We shall be lifting off soon. Thank you for flying Air Evening.” Almost instantly, an invisible force hit them from behind and lifted them into the air. “Oops. Sorry if that hit you too hard. I’m still working on controlling the magnitudes…” Evening said. “Here’s some advice from your younger brother,” Morning said sarcastically as he gripped his console tighter, “Breaking my spine is not something that will gain you a gold star in academics.” “She said she was still working on it! Cut her some slack!” Pony defended her sister. “Trust me,” Morning replied without taking his eyes off the console, “The only thing she has been ‘working on’ all these days… is a certain Chris Helios…” Evening glared at him. “That was supposed to be a secret!” she said between gritted teeth. Pony laughed as they landed on the school ground.

“I’ve seen space-hamsters make better landings than that.” Morning complained as he got off his back. Evening was busy checking Pony for bruises. “But it was a fun ride, right?” she asked. “Totally!” Pony shouted, “I wanna travel like this every day!” “I’d rather take the school bus thank you very much.” Morning retorted as he walked towards his classroom. “Don’t listen to him Eve. Just work on your take-offs and landings.” Pony said as she walked towards her classroom. Evening sighed and turned towards her classroom when she heard a voice, “Eve!” And at that moment, nothing else mattered to her… Chris Helios…

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