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Fraction Chapter 5 - Great Power

Morning woke up to the sound of a girl’s voice. “This is gonna be hard to clean up… seriously… just because he CAN summon a meteor doesn’t mean he SHOULD… Now I have to clean up the mess and build a new roof…” He opened his eyes to see a girl standing over Pony and Eve. She looked like she was the same age as himself. Pony was just as confused about this girl as he was. “Who are oo?” he asked. Oo? Pardon me. I should have explained. Stage 2 was a really dangerous part of his powers. It really messed up his brain and body whenever he used it. Primary side-effects included fainting, loss of speech and sometimes, even temporary blindness. That is why he only uses it when it’s a matter of life and death. “Who am I?! I’m the one who’s gonna clean up this mess you’ve made! A meteor?! Of all the things you could think of!!! A fucking meteor!!!” she shouted. He was taken aback. This girl was definitely something else… and what was that word she used? Eve was still unconscious. Just how badly was she beaten up? Then he suddenly got up and stared at the new girl.

“What?! Why are you staring at me like that?! Never seen a beautiful 7 year old before?!”

“So… You are the guardian…?”

“What are you talking about?!”

“Mom would never leave us like this unless she was convinced we were safe. She must have left you here to protect us…”

“You’re irritating me. Now go back to your room till I fix this place…”

“But Eve-”


“I- yes mam…”

He turned around to back to his room and almost instantly, turned around again to check the meteor. Chris was gone. The girl must have done something… He turned around again and walked back to his room to see Eve sitting on his bed. He almost jumped back. “EVE! YOU! BUT! THERE! CHRIS! WHAT?!” Was all he managed to shout before Pony ran into him shouting, “EVE DISAPPEARED! AND CHRIS! WHAT?!” Both Morning and Pony stared at the Eve on the bed demanding an answer. Her first reaction was to laugh so loud the whole neighbourhood must have heard it.

“I was just testing out a new trick.” She explained once she was done laughing, “Vector allows me to change the direction and wavelength of light as well. It’s a very difficult trick and it leaves me with splitting headache afterwards but man was it worth it! The looks on your faces when you saw the illusion!” Pony was confused. She didn’t understand at all. Morning rolled his eyes and said, “So that whole thing was an illusion? Chris? You getting beaten up? The girl?” “Yes! Oh my god! You were so cliché with your dialogues! ‘The moment you laid your hand on my sister… your life was already forfeited…’ Where did you learn that dialogue from? Some stupid anime?!” Eve said between laughs. Pony was still confused. “But, but…” she started, “If it was just an illusion… how come I could touch you?” Eve laughed even more and said, “You silly girl… I was sending Vectors onto your skin to make it feel like you were touching me.” Morning was not impressed.

“So it was all just a silly trick… Chris isn’t evil after all…”

“Of course not! He’s the best guy in the world! I was just playing with you.”

“And that girl…”

“Oh…? This is the second time you’re asking about that girl… someone has a crush…”

“Just shut up and tell me…”

“Yeah, she was real. Mom left her here… but not to protect us… that girl is here to simply clean up any enemy foolish enough to attack us. She should be done by now. I’ll to you something… I could ask her what kind of drink she likes and maybe you could…”

“Oh stop that. If she’s done fixing your room, just go back.”

“Oh? And what about your newfound love?”

“What are you talking about now…?”

“I’m talking about Pony.”

“You can’t refer to her as my newfound ‘love’!!! This isn’t that kind of novel!”

“Yeah, yeah. I know why you want her here…”

Pony was confused. It seems like she was constantly confused today. Newfound love? What was Eve talking about? And what did Morning mean by “This isn’t that kind of novel!” And he wanted her here? Too many questions. Eve was smiling to herself. “If my illusions are that convincing… I could probably ‘bring’ Chris here every night…” she said to herself, “and maybe… ah, I can’t say that out loud!” her thoughts were interrupted by Morning, “Sis… your face is red. Is something wrong?” “Eh?! What?! Oh no, nothing’s wrong! Everything’s right!” she said, quickly wiping her mind clean. She walked back to her room.

Morning took his console and put it in a drawer. “You’re seriously done with that console?” Pony asked. “Yes. I’m done with it.” Morning replied without turning around.

“Pony… If you want… I can try doing it with you… but only if you’re fine with that…”

“Eh?! What are you talking about?!”

“I can calculate the probability of you having powers and then change it so that you can have powers … what did you think I meant?”

“N-nothing! But are you sure you want to do that now? You just recovered from last night… (Oh my God, this whole conversation sounds so wrong…)”

“That doesn’t matter… What matters is are you okay with being powerless? If you’re okay with that, then I’m okay with it too… but if you want powers, I will do what I can to help.”

“Awww…! It’s alright… I’m fine with the way things are right now. You don’t have to worry about me.”

“Okay then… but just know that if you ever want to do it… I’m always here-”

“Okay, that’s enough! Let’s talk about something else! (What’s with this conversation?!!!)”

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