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Fraction Chapter 7 - Great Responsibility

Due to the events of the previous night, everyone was fast asleep way beyond their normal timings in the morning. Kelly went into Eve’s room and gently shook her.

“Wake up honey, it’s time for school…”

“Just a… few more minutes…”

“Come on now. If you don’t wake up now, you won’t have enough time to fly to school.”

“You knew about- of course you knew about it…”

About an hour later, everyone was ready to go. “So uh… how does this work?” Chris asked nervously. “She changes the vectors around your body to make you more streamlined and then she send a vector to your back, lifting you off… if your back doesn’t break first.” Morning explained. Chris gulped. Eve laughed and said, “He’s only joking. I’ve improved over the days. I won’t break your spine… I promise.” She patted his back playfully… which lead to him collapsing on the ground. “Broke his back already?” Morning remarked sarcastically. Eve ignored his comment. She was too busy freaking out. But that was only for two seconds. Almost immediately, she was busy sending “test” vectors into his body. Test vectors? It’s like when the doctor hits your knee with a rubber hammer to test your reflexes. These vectors were extremely tiny and their force was almost zero. By sending a large number of test vectors into a person’s body, she could accurately diagnose almost any injury or disease. A feat which had blown the minds of the teachers in the medical department of the school. Yeah, she was just that awesome. I already told you, didn’t I? Most popular girl in school. Anyway, she did not like what she was feeling. Almost every internal organ was perforated in multiple places. “Internal organs shredded… it’s a miracle they’re even in one piece… Traces of… cancer? Immune system suppressed to a deadly point… screw immune system… there’s almost no blood in him. How did this happen? More importantly… how the hell was he even alive all this time if he was this heavily injured?”

“Um… sis… maybe focus on keeping him alive?” Morning said, “I’m trying to calculate the chance of him surviving long enough to reach a hospital but… I can’t calculate it… my head reaches a blank every time I try. This can mean one of two things: His chance of survival is 0%… or it’s 100%… and judging from the looks of things I think you know which is more possible.” “Shut up!” Eve shouted as she concentrated all her powers to hold his torn body together. “I need blood… O positive…” she turned and looked at Morning and Pony who just looked back at her. “Oh for fuck’s sake!” she shouted as she sent a vector into Chris’s hand, making an opening. He didn’t even bleed. That’s how much blood he had lost. Morning grabbed her hand “Eve! Don’t even think about-” he was thrown back before he could complete the sentence. She was about to vector her own wrist open when she heard a man’s voice.

“Oh…? What’s this? The woman in love is ready to sacrifice herself for her man…?”

“Who are you?”

“Me? Just passing by… but if it’s blood you need… I could help you with that…”

“And why would you help me?”

“Let’s just say… I need that kid alive more than you do…”

“I don’t trust you…”

“Of course you don’t… but ask your brother… he might be able to ‘judge’ me better.”

Morning cut in and said, “Eve, I don’t know who this guy is but the moment he stepped in, I was able to calculate that the chance of Chris surviving is 100%. This is the first time I’ve been able to calculate an absolute certainty… Whoever he is, it looks like he can help.” The man walked up to Chris… and punched his chest with such force that Eve, Pony and Morning were thrown back. Eve got up and rushed towards the stranger, screaming mindlessly… and then Chris got up. Everyone was speechless. “What the hell did you do?!” Eve asked.

“System restart. When your phone starts acting weird, you switch it off and turn it on again… I smashed him to a pulp and rebuilt him from scratch… a physical reboot. For 1 nanosecond, he was nothing but random atoms… and then I forced all the atoms back into place, hence restoring his organs to their proper state… He is still low on blood… but at least now, he will make it to the hospital…” The stranger vanished as he spoke these words. Chris almost collapsed again but Eve caught him. Morning was puzzled. “He was a Vector type too… but he’s on a whole different level from you, Eve… he was vectoring particles on a sub-atomic level… the highest level of control… whoever he is, we better hope he’s on our side. He looked a bit shady, though… black clothing and a red scarf around his neck.”

“Coconut water!” Pony shouted. Eve and Morning looked at her in confusion. “Coconut water!” she shouted at them again as though they hadn’t her the first time, “There’s a coconut tree right over there! Eve, give him coconut water! It will keep him alive until we get to a hospital!” And then it hit them. Eve instantly pulled three coconuts towards Chris, opened them up and Vectored the water into the opening on his wrist. “Quick thinking…” Morning said, “We all knew it but only you remembered that coconut water is a blood plasma substitute.” Pony grinned and said, “Well, while you two geniuses are busy sharpening your powers, us powerless people have to put our brains to work and read every book we can find in the library… so far, I’ve reached volume 15.” Morning and Eve were speechless.

For those of you who are wondering why they were speechless, the school library wasn’t just a room filled with books… the school library was an entire planet… and each “volume” was a small hard disk, the size of a peanut, that stored a huge amount of data. These volumes could be accessed wirelessly from your phone or your watch or your holograph-powered eyeliner. So what was great about reading 15 volumes? Considering Pony only spent 5 hours a day at school and we take away 2 hours for lunch and that it takes a normal person 5 years to finish a volume… of course, they’re speechless.

“Do your teachers know about this?” Morning asked. Pony giggled and said, “Nope. I’ve been fooling them into thinking I’ve just started Volume 1. You were right. They are so stupid and so easy to fool.” Eve almost facepalmed. “Pony, do you know how long it takes for a person to finish one volume?” she asked. “Um, I don’t know. I never asked. I’m generally too busy reading. I read a lot of interesting facts in the Ancient History section, though… did you know that there were a group of people who thought the world was created in six days? That is soooo silly, right? And there was this other group of people who thought eclipses happened because a demon was eating up the sun and moon and there was this other group of people who thought Earthquakes happened when a giant frog under the earth croaked. The Ancients were such a silly bunch of people… It’s too bad they were all wiped out… I would have liked to meet them and ask them to tell me something silly.”

Eve and Morning stopped paying attention to her at “Um, I don’t know. I never asked.” Apparently, Pony did have a power but they didn’t know what power that was. It was hard to conclude whether she was simply stopping time when she read or if she was reading at an extremely fast rate or if she was transferring data from the Volumes directly into her cerebrum through other means… in any case, this was shocking news and they decided to stop thinking about it for now and concentrate on getting Chris to a hospital to fill him up with some blood. Yes, they had almost forgotten about that in all this exposition.

“It was stupid of me… I should have tested his body the moment mom told us about the stab wounds.” Eve said as she sat outside the hospital room. Morning was grumbling something about missing the first hour. Pony whistled a tune from some song she had heard somewhere. A doctor walked out of the room with an annoyed expression on his face. “Okay, which one of you idiots said he was out of blood?” he said looking at them. Morning decided to take up the conversation.

“I don’t understand. He was almost empty. We brought him here because that’s what you do when you need blood.”

“Is this some kind of prank? He’s perfectly fine! At first, one of the other doctors thought it was Lupus but it’s never Lupus.”

“So he’s alright?”

“Yeah, no shit Sherlock! Come on in and I’ll show you.”

True to his words, Chris was fine. Not a thing wrong. Eve confirmed it with her test vectors. Fit as a fiddle. Chris did not know what happened either. After a few minutes of apologizing, they were back on their way to school. The doctor had refused to accept any payment because, in his own words, “There was nothing to treat. Therefore I haven’t done anything except waste my a few minutes of my time.” As they flew through the clouds, Morning was confused. Well, they were all confused but he was the most confused… because that’s the way it is. In order to doubt something, you need to have some knowledge of it. An ignorant mind never seeks more knowledge. There were a lot of questions flying around in his head. “Eve, stop.” He said. Eve looked at him and tilted her head. “You heard me. Stop. We’re going back home. I have a feeling that’s where we need to be right now.” Chris agreed with him saying he was being drawn towards the house too. “Look, I know a lot of weird stuff happened but we can’t skip school now. It’s important for us to focus on what’s important and master our powers. Trying to face our enemies with a broken sword will only get us killed.” Eve countered their proposal. “Wow, someone sure knows how to be eloquent.” Kelly’s voice startled all of them. “You have got to stop sneaking up on us like that, mom…” Pony said with a sigh.

“So that was you? You fixed me?” Chris asked as he stared at Kelly. “Stop staring like you just discovered fire.” Pony whispered to him. Kelly nodded and said, “I suppose you have a good idea of who I am now, boy?” Chris nodded and turned away as if making eye-contact with her was burning his eyes. “And you now also know why you are drawn towards my daughter?” Another nod. “And you still want to stay with us?” Another nod. “You sure? Clairvoyants aren’t allowed to have anything to do with me, right? Is it okay for you to turn your back on the rules of your kind?” The three siblings just watched this exchange. They felt like they were missing a point here… “Okay, TIME OUT!” Morning shouted, “What is going on here?!” Eve sighed and brought them all down to ground level.

Kelly looked very impatient… like she was about to miss a flight. “How quickly can you master all your powers?” she asked, pointing at her kids. All three of them. “Powers? B-but I don’t have any…” Pony said meekly. “Actually, Pony… you do have powers but you don’t know it…” Morning revealed, “You have the most astounding power among the three of us. As for mom’s question, it is indefinite… I do not know how long it will take for us to truly reach the peak of our power.”  Kelly nodded and sighed. She knew what she had to do next. It was going to be hard… but for the sake of my universe, she forced her hand. She moved almost too fast for anyone to notice. Morning only had a small glimpse of her fingers reaching for his eyes… and then everything went dark.

Eve and Pony could not do anything. Everything around them was frozen. It was as if the entire universe had suddenly been paused. They could not scream. They could not move. They could only watch in shock as their mother apparently pulled out their brother’s eyes right out of his sockets. Or at least that’s what they thought was happening until they noticed that Morning still had his eyes… what Kelly had pulled out seemed to be a manifestation of something… of what? What madness was occurring right before them? Kelly then walked towards Eve. Eve struggled to move her eye balls and focus on her mother’s hands which touched the middle of her chest. Kelly pushed her hand in and grabbed something… it hurt… but Eve could not do anything about it. It looked like her skin dissolved. Her muscles tore away and her ribs parted… exposing her beating heart. “Mom… what are you…” was all she managed to speak before Kelly pulled her heart out. Her muscles ribs moved back to their original position. Muscles wrapped themselves around them again. Her skin grew back.

Pony was terrified. According to Morning, she had the most astounding power… so what fate awaited her? Kelly walked to Pony and inserted her finger into her mouth. Pony closed her eyes in fear as she felt her mother’s finger rubbing her tongue. “Don’t worry, my child…” Kelly spoke soothingly, “I know it’s scary… it’s scary for me too… but it’s the only way… you were all given incredible powers… but it looks like you just don’t comprehend your own powers yet… so, I’m going to take it all away… and leave you each with a Fraction… if you can comprehend your Fractions… maybe you can comprehend the rest…”

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