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A simple superhero story that won’t tax you emotionally. It may have the occasional mind-blowing plot twist though. Wait, why is this intro even required? The first chapter is like an intro.

So publish the first chapter.

Okay, I’m on it. But just in case they want a short summary without any spoilers…

Super-powerful kids (who know of no other life apart from school and home) are suddenly cast into the outside world. From there, they have to rely on whatever preparations they have made (if any) and an unlikely source of aid. Will they make it to the end of this story? Or will they be consumed by the mistakes their parents made millions of years ago? Too dramatic? (Too meta?)

No. Too many people saying too many things. I bet the readers don’t even know how many of us are here right now. (There are two of us, speaking alternative lines.)

Don’t worry. The actual story won’t be this confusing. It’s much more awesome. Oh, also, I feel like I should put a disclaimer. There’s a particular part where a particular character says something casually transphobic. That’s supposed to be an instance where he is purposefully trying to be an utter piece of shit. I meant to address it in an important twist at the end of the story but I never got around to finishing the story because depression. So now it just looks like I wrote in a transphobic character and left in an edgy joke.

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