Day One

Luke Cypher knocked at the door, axe in hand. He silently cursed his chainsaw. It had broken down half way through the poor victim and Cypher had been forced to finish the job with his axe. He had not chosen the lumberjack life… the lumberjack life had chosen him… and although he slightly resented chopping down innocent trees in the not-so-friendly Canadian chill (more emphasis given on the temperature), the pay was good. Money isn’t everything, but somehow… it feels good to know you can pay your taxes and rent and still have enough for food three times a day, new clothing every 6 months and a peg every night. Then there was Faith. Faith… no I’m not personifying anything here. Faith was a person.

Cypher had found her unconscious outside his house one day. One would normally call the cops or the owner of the house but Cypher never had any friends and as such, did not have a phone. As for the owner, he never even came to the house unless it was to collect rent. So he simply took her in. An extra source of expenditure. He didn’t mind. All he had to do was work three hours more every day to maintain a proper income. Besides as Faith said, “The house is a total mess. I’ll take care of keeping it neat.” Not like he needed her for this. He didn’t care much for the neatness of the house… but at the same time, he didn’t want her to feel useless. So the contract was set.

They never spoke to each other much. I guess the last time they spoke was to ask each other’s names. They weren’t interested in each other’s pasts. The names were enough. As for cooking, Cypher could cook for himself. How do you think he had lived there alone for so many years? (Yeah I know. This is really slow and tedious. Have a little more patience. We will get to the important part soon enough.) She didn’t have a problem with eating what he cooked. (Okay, okay. I’ll stop with this stuff for now. Even so, I had to build up the characters. What should I have done? Send them both to a bar, get them drunk and have them make out there? Actually, that’s not a bad idea… but that’s not my style. I can’t relate to it so I can’t write about it.)

She opened the door and let him in. She could see he was extra tired today. The axe in his hand told her the rest of the story. It was a case of the “She had taken a liking for him the moment she had laid her eyes on him” cliché… but since he was always so serious and silent, she never tried to talk to him about her feelings. However, I’m hoping that, tonight she will take some action to break the ice. (Otherwise, they will both just sleep in their separate rooms and you would have read all this crap for nothing.)

He took off his shirt to reveal the pink vest. Long story. It was one of her attempts to get him to talk her. Cypher woke up one morning to find that his white inner wears had disappeared and in their place were bright pink ones. So, for the first time since he had asked her name, he spoke to her, “Cherry, (because her name was Charisse Faith and he called her Cherry for short) what happened to my vests?” She had the nerve to tell him, “Oh those, I dyed them pink because I thought you would look funny in pink…” But her efforts were in vain. The only reaction he gave was to raise one eye-brow, drop it down again and walk away. That was a long time ago. Today’s plans were going to be more drastic. As he sat down on a chair to read a newspaper, he noticed a small vial on the table. He knew what it was. He knew who had bought it. He decided not to meddle with fate. After all, considering how crazy he was for her, he would have bought that vial himself.

She walked up to him and said, “You look tired today… why not let me cook?” The next few seconds were tense for her. His answer would decide whether or not her plan would work. Inside his mind, Cypher was laughing his socks off. He knew he had to say “Yes”. But he just waited for a few seconds, as if his decision would decide the fate of the universe. Seeing her this desperate gave him a sadistic pleasure. She detected a faint smile on his lips. “Surely my eyes are deceiving me…” she thought, “Luke Cypher never smiles…” She leaned forward to confirm the phenomena. The smile seemed to be growing wider. “Okay I’m in one of my dreams…” she thought. “Cherry… you’re eating chocolate?” he asked. He had noticed a thin, brown layer on her lips. “Um, yeah… I just put the last piece in my mouth…” “I would have liked a piece…” “Well, I’m not done swallowing the last piece yet…”

She hadn’t noticed his hand reaching for her waist. The moment it made contact, it set off a chain reaction which made her press her lips against his. (Finally… okay, it’s only fair I warn you that you will be encountering unparliamentary language in the near future) Pardon that rude interruption by the bracketed message. Their tongues were wrestling each other. Their hands broke of their psychological restraints and flew around each other. It was only some delicate, net force which prevented the chair from falling over.

This went on for a few seconds. When the tongues had totally squeezed each other to exhaustion, they decided to retreat back into their respective mouths. By this time, she as sitting right on top of him.

“So… how did you like the chocolate?”

“Best I’ve ever tasted.”

“That was just a starter. The main course begins after dinner…”

“Ah yes. I noticed what’s on the table.”

“I was hoping you would…”

Do you need me to describe the dinner or should I skip ahead to the “main course”? I think I’ll just skip ahead to it. I’ve been writing this non-stop and my fingers are at the point of rebellion. The contents of the vial had worked their magic well. By the time he was done with dinner, which was obviously laced with the vial’s contents, he was a totally different person. She walked towards him in a lingerie and bent forward to take his plate back to the kitchen to wash it, revealing a considerable part of her boobs in the process (didn’t I warn you of unparliamentary language?) The old Cypher would have been unperturbed by such a sight but the old Cypher was broken now (pun. Cypher. Broken. Never mind.) What small part of the code of his consciousness was left unbugged by the aphrodisiac could only make him stare at the sight before. To make matters worse, it was transparent material so she didn’t really have to bend. Anyway, she was enjoying this. Seeing him this desperate gave a slightly sadistic pleasure.

After a few seconds of this, she lifted the plate and took it away. He wished she had stayed like that a little longer. But his thoughts were short lived. Through the kitchen door, he had a full view of her… bending over… her red panties visible through the transparent lingerie… and that ass… the shape of it… the way it curved over and seemed to beckon him… Already he felt the monster in his underwear go into super-saiyan mode (DBZ reference. Sorry if you didn’t get it). He had to unzip his jeans to feel a little less suffocated. Someone had to take a step… and he took it… actually more than one step… towards the kitchen…

When he was an inch away from her she felt his heat. A grin invaded her face. She bent forward so that her ass was pushed backward… until it touched him. He breathed out like someone was giving him a massage. She wasn’t actually washing the plate… but she squirmed and shook like she was actually washing the plate and listening to a good song. This was his first time. Yet, it was all instinctive. He pushed forward a little. Then relaxed and then pushed forward again. She was feeling it… through the material of her lingerie and his underwear… the train that would soon enter the station. The combination of her squirming and his pushing was out of this world. The humping went on for some time. Cypher put his hands under her and gave her boobs a slight squeeze, which caused her to bite her lower lip. She moaned and said, “Oh… there’s… a storm coming… do you have the raincoat ready?” Cypher groaned and replied, “No… do you?” She laughed a little and said “Take me to my room and I’ll show you.” “Okay…” “Oka-whoah!” She gave a short yelp as he picked her up and put her on his shoulder (totally caveman style) like he was carrying one of those logs he chopped.

“Oh wow… my thighs are rubbing against your chest and it feels so hard…”

“Yeah… ten hours of chopping wood everyday will do that to a guy…”

“I totally wanna just bend around and bite your neck…”

“Uhuh… do that and I’ll spank you… don’t forget… your perfect ass is wide open to attack right now…”

“Having a hard time?”

“There’s only so much I can do to stop my other hand from reaching up and firing away.”

“Hehe… we’ll see for how long the ceasefire lasts.”

She was joking about the neck of course. There was no way she could even get her nose close to his neck (unless she snapped her spine.) However, she did the next best thing. She just bent down and bit whatever she could reach (somewhere slightly below his shoulder blade.) It obviously wasn’t a hard bite. Besides, his baniyan cushioned the effect. *smack* as expected, a blow landed on her ass. “oww! I didn’t bite your neck!” “I didn’t say I wouldn’t spank you if you bit me anywhere else…”

By then, they had reached her room. He saw the “raincoat” waiting for him on the bed. He was slightly surprised. “How could you-” “Afford that? Long story. I’ll tell you tomorrow.” He was going to slip back into his thoughts again. So she bit him again and got spanked for it. He set her gently down on the bed and began taking off his pants. I’ll leave the process of her stripping to your imagination. She left her underwear on. He was totally naked by then. He looked at her in confusion. She grinned and opened her legs “If you can take my underwear off without using your hands, you can have me… all of me…” He raised an eyebrow as if to say “Challenge accepted.” Deep down, she wanted to just tear away her underwear… which was the only thing that stood between her and his dick. He could see she couldn’t take her eyes off it. He got onto the bed and put his face between her legs and moved forward. Her jaw dropped. He was actually going to do it. He first let his tongue touch her red panties which made her giggle. Then, he carefully closed his teeth on just the cloth and tugged. She shifted her legs slightly to make it easier for him to pull it. She had to be careful too. Otherwise, she would end up kneeing the back of his head from both sides. Slowly, he tugged, until it came down her thighs, slid past her knees and reached her ankles. She was trying hard to maintain a straight face. “Oo gan laav iv oo want” he said through his teeth. (You can laugh if you want.) That was just too much. Even so, she waited till he pulled her underwear completely, went back a little and dropped it into his hands. Then, she burst out laughing. “Yes… right. Once you’re done laughing, you have to keep your part of the deal.” “Yes…” she said between laugh, “You… you can… totally go ahead now…”

“CUT! That’s a wrap!” the director shouted through the megaphone. Cypher and Charisse sighed in relief and got off the bed. “You were both great. Just two more shots and we’ll be done with this.” The director said, visibly pleased by their skill and performance. “Really?” Cypher said, “I thought that laugh sounded somewhat fake. Maybe we should retake just the laugh” Charisse clenched her fist and punched him on the face. The director laughed a little and said, “When will you two be free next?” Cypher looked thoughtful and replied, “Uh… I don’t know… next week?” “Next week.” Charisse agreed. “Next week it is, then.” The director beamed, “We’re gonna get a lot of views when we upload this one…”

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