Day Two

Luke Cypher woke up early that morning. The day was an important one. Actually, just the night. He had the day for himself. He had to report for duty at night. So he just had his breakfast and sat down to watch some TV. “CEO of Cypher Industries still missing. Presumed kidnapped or dead.” The reporter said. “Presumed kidnapped…” Cypher thought, “Thank you for the update.”

“Oh! Yeah! Fuck… yeah baby! Aaahhh!” Charisse screamed as Cyhper rammed his dick in and out of her. They were both breathing heavily. “Careful, you don’t wanna overdo things” a voice in his head told him. It wasn’t just his sliding that was giving him pleasure. Her muscles contracted at the right moments. The combined effect was just… just… His thoughts were interrupted by a sound he heard. “They’re here…” he thought. Charisse slowly closed her eyes. One by one, all her thoughts were shutting down… That moment was approaching. She bit her lower lip so hard she had to remind herself to loosen her jaw. Her heavy breathing turned to gasping. Cypher closed his eyes. Just as she was about to explode, a shot sounded and the director fell down dead… blood gushing out of his head. Cypher and Charisse immediately rolled to the other side of the bed and turned it over, using it like a bunker against the bullets hailing from the other side.

“Ms. Faith…” Cypher said. Charisse nodded and replied, “I’ve informed the CIA. But considering the distance and the bureaucracy, they might as well read about us in tomorrow’s front page.”

“Shit happens… I’m sure a few random red shirts won’t be missed. Give me the cell.”


Cypher took the phone and entered a code.

“Code confirmed.” said the phone.

He threw it over to the other side. He heard some voices and the sound of scrambling feet… probably their attackers taking cover for the impending explosion. The two actors plugged their ears with some conveniently placed earphones. They glowed blue as they connected to the phone and began playing the incoherent audio file. They heard faint screams and several thuds. A slight beep from their earphones told them it was safe to unplug their ears again. Their attackers were dead. “I’ve never really seen the Banshee in action before…” Charisse said as she inspected the various dead bodies, “An app that makes your smartphone generate sound of a particular frequency that can kill you if you hear it…” Cypher nodded and said, “Indeed. I’m just as surprised as you are. Luckily, we didn’t hear it because the earphones blocked it out with another kind of sound. Ugh, I don’t really know the specifics. I always left the science to the scientists.”

“You still haven’t told me why we went through all this…”

“Someone from inside the company was selling weapons to terrorist groups. I disappeared to find out who was involved.”

“How original. Could our enemies at least come up with a plan that won’t end with Marvel suing us over plagiarism?”

“Which is why I’m trying to find out who they are.”

“Okay. Uh, wait. Clothes first!”

“Is that REALLY necessary?  I like it when we’re not wearing anything.” Cypher said, almost whining. Charisse gave him a disapproving look and handed him his clothes. “Yes. If you’re going to die, it’s going to be because I couldn’t protect you from terrorists. NOT because I couldn’t protect you from the common cold.” She looked around at the mess around them. The room was in shambles. The walls were riddled with bullet holes. Cypher searched for his underwear. When he found it, it was not in its natural state. The walls suddenly seemed a lot less bullet hole ridden. “Look at this!” he said, holding it up, “What sort of monster does this to another man’s underwear?!” Charisse sighed and opened up a trap door on the floor. “Lucky for you I always pack an extra set of clothing for myself. The real Luke Cypher does not mind pink underwear, does he?” After a few minutes, the two were on their way away from the crime scene.

“Where to next, boss?” Charisse asked. Cypher was lost in thought. “Boss?” she asked again, tapping him on the shoulder. “Uh? Detention Block. It appears my team has cornered Hornet.”  Charisse stopped in her tracks. “Hornet?! THAT is the identity of our enemy?! I refuse to believe it! She wouldn’t! That can’t be true!” Luke shrugged and replied with a cryptic “Nothing is true.” Charisse tilted her head. Hornet. The Chief of Security of Cypher Industries. Arguably the most dedicated servant Cypher had. She was loyal to a fault. It was quite disheartening to be told she was the traitor.

Let us ignore their boring journey to the underground holding cell and shift our gaze to some more interesting people. Hornet found herself surrounded by four of her former colleagues. Her deep black suit blended in with the darkness around her. If she had her hood and mask on, It would be impossible to tell where she ended and the night began. But her hood was currently tightly in the grip of the lean man standing behind her, his other hand gripping a small knife that seemed to glimmer in and out of existence thanks to the faint lighting. The mask was lying broken somewhere near her feet. “Hold her hood properly, Fox.” the woman to her right said as she stepped towards her. “This isn’t an exposition session, Rainfly.” said the man to Hornet’s left, “We all know that he is Fox and you are Rainfly and I am Henry. Am I right, Knight?” The man facing Hornet grumbled and rubbed his brow. “Focus.” he said, “I am sure I do not need to remind you of all the various, creative ways she could end us all if we slipped up here.” Rainfly grinned and said, “I’m actually more worried about her… Will she survive the week? Oh we’re going to have so much fun with you, chief… And by the end of it, I can’t promise you won’t be holding your own guts in your cold, dead hands…” Hornet scowled and brought her left fist hurtling towards Rainfly’s face. She felt a sharp pain on the back of her head and felt the night take over her consciousness from the corners of her vision, swiftly blackening everything.

When she regained consciousness for the fiftieth time, she found the world upside down. There was a stinging numbness in her feet. Her body was patterned with the various attempts of her former colleagues at getting her to talk. “She’s been having fun with us for a week without food or water…” Rainfly whispered to Knight, “Is she even human?”

“Oh you do not look very comfortable there… I can ease your suffering… I can make it all go away… just tell us who ordered the attack…”

“Gasoline. Fox. Knight. Henry. Rainfly.”

“Why do you keep repeating our names? We’re asking you who put you up to your treachery. Who is responsible for the attack on our boss?!”

“Gasoline. Fox. Knight. Henry. Rainfly.”

“I must admit I’m impressed. You may have been the best among us but I didn’t expect even you to last this long. I guess the years of watching people break in your hands must have broken you too. Broken you so far that the shards that now remain of you are too small for us to break. But rest assured, we will get our answer soon. The boss returned to us 15 minutes ago. OH yes! I can see that shocks you. You know what he’s like when he wants something… So you better behave and give us the answers. Who was it?!”

“Gasoline. Fo-” A fist crashed into her abdomen, winding her. “…. fo… fox. Knight. Henry. Rainfly.”

In a room adjacent to the Detention Block, Charisse flinched. “I’d have been better off without seeing all this.” she said with a grimace as she watched the live feed on the screen,  “I mean, I know we’re not exactly the good guys in this world but I like to have plausible deniability for the sake of my own conscience.” Luke gave her a smile and pointed towards the apparently battered naked woman hanging upside down from the ceiling, her hands dangling weakly. “You think this is bad for your conscience? This is just her team doing their worst. If it was Hornet interrogating any one of them, I wouldn’t have brought you here.” Despite Faith’s long, unbroken record of never betraying any aversion to his work, Luke saw the fear slowly creeping onto her face. She was beginning to doubt herself. “Please pull that lever when I next say her name.”

The speakers crackled to life with Cypher’s words, “Gentlemen, I believe I’ve heard enough. I authorize you to conclude the Inquisition… Hornet.” A distant boom was the only warning they had to the impending fertile Darkness that suddenly embraced the room… unimaginably hungry for their screams. And She was sated that night.

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