Horsing Around

The sun had almost tired himself out and mother earth was busy trying to wake up a drowsy moon. Of course, it was only a matter of time before he rose. Lazy stars were slowly beginning to open their twinkling eyes… their strength returning to them. I stood on a meadow. That day was my last day with her… well, just the night, since the day had been wasted on the work I do. She could have made me hers forever… but things were complicated and she was to be married to someone else the next day. My heart felt heavy at this thought but I found comfort in the fact that he was the right man for her. No matter, she came by this meadow every night. So, I stood there… strong… patient… but my breaths were long and big… my heartbeat slow. And then I saw her walking towards me.

Normally, I would run to her but today, I stood still… waiting for her to come. She walked a little faster and then broke into a run. I held back tears as she put her arms around my neck. She said something in a language I did not understand. I replied in a language she did not understand. This was just like any other night. Same routine. Although we spoke in different tongues, love was the same. Then she said the one thing I did understand. My name. I sat down and she lay down next to me. I saw a smile on her face that said, “Let’s make the most of this night.”

I noticed her slender fingers holding a bag. As though she guessed my thoughts, she opened it to reveal a whip and small clothing. Then it struck me. Just like that other night. We never did this too often… just once in a while. Today, we definitely had a reason to do this. My heart sped up as I watched her disrobe and change into the smaller clothing. Well, the night wind was cold enough to freeze her to death, so she would need to have something to keep her warm. But big clothing would hinder our… nightly activity. Hence, the small clothing. And the whip…? More on that later…

We began slowly. Then, when we had reached a good heart rate, we gradually made it faster. Feeling her wonderful legs rubbing against me always drove me insane. So I started moving faster. In the back of my mind, I wondered why I had been blessed with the pleasure of feeling her riding me like this… feeling her riding me like this… surely… this much pleasure must be a sin… I could feel my movements reflected in hers. The cold wind made her squirm… but that only added to the fun. When she wanted me to go faster, she would crack the whip on my stomach. Not really too hard but just enough to sting a little. I would obey.

When she had reached her end, she put her hand on my shoulder and screamed my name as loudly as possible. She had to scream against the howling wind, so to me, it was a muffled scream. We had both reached it. So I stopped abruptly. She was shivering a little. She got off me. We were both tired and it was almost dawn. I reared up and neighed. OF COURSE I NEIGHED!!! I’M A HORSE!!! She had ridden on top of me to her house. What were YOU thinking??!!! (Read this all over again, this time with a horse in your mind. :P)

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