Second Yak

The yak was slow in walking towards me. It was as if it was struggling to walk. Something was hindering its movement. I was still panicking. But I focused just enough to notice the ropes attached to its horns. The ropes were taut, leading behind it. I forced my eyes to follow the ropes and saw that they were attached to the horns of a second yak behind it. This one was trying its best to stay in place, almost on its haunches. So, this second yak was keeping the first one from getting to me. I realised I had slightly more time than I assumed. Just a bit more time. My legs still wouldn’t move. Was this punishment for walking so much? No, I could still feel my legs. I calmed myself and focused on simply moving my foot. It moved without me having to put in much effort into ordering it. So what was the problem? Would my body not obey me only when I specifically tried to escape this place? A disturbing thought. Yet somewhat relieving at the same time… to know that I could still move. I stood and watched the two yaks. The first yak whipped around in an impossibly sudden twist and skewered the second one. The poor thing let out a bellow of pain and slumped down to the ground. The source of the blood on its horns, undoubtedly. The first yak turned towards me again and resumed its march, dragging the second yak as it groaned. Never did I ever imagine I would be rooting for one yak to be strong. “Get up!” I shouted with all the anger I could muster, “GET UP! I DON’T WANT TO DIE YET!” The first yak stopped and stared into my eyes.

I heard a voice inside my head. “Death? You misunderstand. The purpose of this restaurant is to punish. Not kill. I hope you have enjoyed the little welcome party my pets rolled out for you.” Despite somehow knowing that this voice was emanating from inside my head, I looked around and shouted, “Okay this has to stop now! Let me out of this place! I’ve done nothing, whoever you are!”

“Ah, but that is exactly the point. You’ve done nothing… You’ve wasted your time on idle fancies and thrown away countless opportunities to do something with your life. That is exactly why you were able to find this place. Because the collective consensus is that YOU are a lazy prick who has been blessed with way too much in life.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?! What gives you the right to judge me?!”

“Be silent! A human who threw away his purposes has no right to exist in society. That is why you found this restaurant. You will have to prove that you can live as a beneficial member of society.”

“What purpose?! We are not born with any purpose. There is literally no purpose for anything in this universe. All these people who pretend like they have a purpose are only lying to themselves and others. And screw society! It did nothing for me. People are always either walking too slow and complaining about being left behind or walking just fast enough to be in my way and annoy me.”

“Ah, but that is where you are wrong. And so blatantly shameless, at that. There have been people who have walked beside you… Slowing themselves down just so they don’t leave you behind. What of their sacrifice? It cannot be allowed to go in vain. You must balance the equation. That is why you are here.”

“Hmpf! You’re a hypocrite who uses passive sentences to escape responsibility. You act like some collective human consciousness has decided my fate… When in reality, I know it is you and you alone who is responsible for this situation. Fine. I’ll play along. What do I you need me to do in order to get out of here?”

“Your words are so much closer to the truth than you realise. No matter… Your task is this: prepare the perfect meal for someone.”

“That’s it? Well, I’ll get right on that. Who is my guest?”

“Literally anyone on this planet. You get to choose. Of course… Given the silken web of fate, I am sure that they too shall be worthy of punishment.”

“So, you’re telling me the person I cook for could very well end up a prisoner here after me?”

“I am telling you that you will inevitably choose someone who deserves to be a prisoner here.”

“You’re giving me a slippery in order to make it look like I don’t have to worry about the moral consequences of my choices. Nevertheless, I have no reason to completely trust everything you say. I will not choose any of my closest friends.”

“Your funeral. You know your friends well. It will be easier to anticipate what they like to eat.”

“No thanks. I’m not bringing any of them here. Oh, and don’t expect a five star review of your place once I’m done here.”

“Humour. Good. Let us see how long you last here…”

“Wait, don’t I have a time limit on this?”

“You do. What is the lifespan of a human? I suppose it differs for each individual. Oh, I suppose you are referring to the yaks. Yes. The first one will try to kill you and the second one will try its best to hold back the killer. It’s anybody’s guess when the second one will succumb to its wounds. Just know that they are both relentless. And if you get skewered, well, game over.”

“And what of my family? Do they know what has happened to me?”

“They do not. I assure you, there is no sugar coating to this. This is very much a real world event.”

“So I can expect the cops to be searching for me…”

“In deed. But they have never succeeded in finding the prisoners of my Yak Restaurant so far. I don’t foresee them improving anytime soon.”

“I assume all communication with the outside world has been cut off? And I’m actually not on MG Road right now?”

“Bravo. You could be the next Sherlock Holmes.”

“Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.”

“My boy, when it comes to psychological antics, I’m always playing a game of limbo.”

“Whatever… One last thing.”

“What’s that?”

“I don’t know how to cook.”

The first yak made a sudden attempt to charge at me again.

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