Chapter 1 – Black Hole

Subject 23 sat on the bench and stared at the black door. It wasn’t the door he was staring at. It was the lack of a door. To anyone else, it was just a normal entrance into a normal room. To Subject 23, it was the edge of his universe. Anything that went into that entrance never came back. Light itself seemed to avoid the entrance. However, this wasn’t to say that nothing ever came out of the entrance. People. Things. Always new and unknown. They asked him questions. He didn’t care to answer.

What is a black hole? That very terminology is flawed. We technically don’t know what color it is because it doesn’t allow any wavelength of light to be reflected off its surface. To be fair, I suppose if we define the colour “black” as the colour of any object that does not reflect any of the seven visible wavelengths, then all black holes are black. But I can confidently say that a black hole is not a hole. It is an object that is so dense that its gravity is strong enough to trap light itself. It is the very opposite of a hole, which is actually the absence of matter or the presence of very low density matter in the midst of relatively high density matter. To use the term “hole” to refer to an object of such ridiculously high density just shows either ignorance or scientific cynicism. I shall let this slide for now.

The point of that humourless paragraph was to illustrate the image of a black hole. From our observation of the universe thus far, we have concluded that the universe (or at least, the observable universe) comprises mainly… empty space. Despite the unimaginable sizes of heavenly bodies as well as their seemingly infinite numbers, it appears the infinity of space is “vigorously greater” than the infinity of matter. Even that expression does not do the ratio justice. The point is, we live in an infinite sea of nothingness which happens to have bubbles of matter.

Subject 23’s room was a bubble of space in a sea made of… whatever it is that black holes are made of. Of course, if you are a person who actually knows how science defines a black hole, you have already thrown this book away, having realised the ridiculousness that is my supposition. On the other hand, you now also understand why I had to set the definition of a black hole in advance. A hole inside a hole? Now that would have been even more ridiculous.

Someone walked through the entrance. A woman. She bent down and stared into his eyes. He felt a dull pain throb across his face as she pointed her flashlight at his face and waved it from eye to eye. He turned his face away from the light and went back to his peace. Two men walked into the room and lifted him up. He did not resist. He wanted to resist. It was a vague, almost incomprehensible fear. Yet, his body was too lazy to respond to his will. He was being carried towards the entrance. As he neared it, he felt his eyelids droop. His breathing became more relaxed than normal. As he floated towards the black hole, he closed his eyes and fell into whatever awaited him in the world of sleep.

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