Chapter 3 – Nova

Subject 23 sat on the bench and stared at the black door. There was a television in the room. The sound from it reached his ears but if he had any reaction to it, he did not show it. A woman walked into the room. She sat next to him and did nothing. Or maybe she did something. He was not aware.

Nothing happened for the next thirty minutes. Nothing happened when the door was used by strangers to enter and exit the room. Sometimes, it was men. Sometimes, it was not. It didn’t matter. Nothing mattered. Anything beyond the door didn’t matter. Anything outside the room didn’t matter. But most importantly, nothing inside the room matter. Most importantly, it mattered that nothing happened.

It was first noticed in a TV show. The drowsy man. The sleeping man. The man for whom nothing mattered. No one else saw it except for one jobless detective obsessed with the show. He was the first to wake up to this new kind of sleep. But the rest of the world may very well have been asleep… for they did not wake up until it was too late… and now, so many were asleep while those who still had their senses intact worked sleeplessly to find a way to wake them up.

Slowly, but surely, those who are awake are realising one undeniable truth: It doesn’t matter. Still… there are those who refuse to sleep… who will never give up trying to wake up the others up. For some, it is a push given by their relationship with the sleeping ones… for others, it is a simple, justified fear of sleeping and never waking up to the world again… and finally, there are those who cannot sleep. They used to curse their misfortune… but now, they are the last hope of humanity. It is with their hands that humanity is managing to hold its droopy eyelids barely open. With new catastrophe comes a new possibility to turn old curses into new blessings… Maybe it does matter…? No. I don’t think so…

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