Chapter 4.1 – The Amazing Chandler

“Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt this commercial break to bring you… The Amazing Chandler!”

“Seriously… why do you even watch this crap? What sort of entertainment could you possibly derive from watching an idiot in white clothing perform various mundane tasks?”

“Mundane?! My dear lady, there is nothing mundane about the Amazing Chandler! Sure, all of us juggle various balls in our lives but our balls are significantly smaller than his.”

“Speak for yourself, detective.”

“Oh come now… You, of all people, should know the actual measurements of my-”

“Leave it at that, sir. We can’t afford to raise the minimum age var of this conversation any higher.”

“Very well, then. But surely, you must see it too… How any normal male would feel insecure and impotent in the face of a man who has mastered 23 activities.”

“But you are no normal male, are you?”

“Ah, I do appreciate the occasional flattery. I’m afraid, apart from my observational skills, I am also just another mundane drop in this rain of men.”

“No, the only mundane thing about you is this show you watch.”

“Why are you so insistent on the mediocrity of this program?”

“Because it’s obviously a fake. They’ve clearly been recorded at different timings suited to their convenience.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because every time he moves from one room to another, there is an ever so slight twitch in the picture. It would generally not be noticeable on a still set manned by a professional actor but apparently, good acting isn’t one of the 23 things he has mastered. His eyes give it away.”

“That must obviously be an issue with the camera.”

“Do you really think the Amazing Chandler can’t afford a good camera or a camera operator with steady hands?”

“I suppose there’s only one way to settle this, then… We must go attend one of his episodes as part of the live audience and see if anyone pays us to be blind…”

“It’s a date.”

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